SCUBA & Swimming Preparation for Marine Biology

One critically important skill for marine biologists is SCUBA diving.  To SCUBA dive at any university requires a Scientific Diving Certification (AAUS). UCSC offers Scientific Diving courses, as do other institutions on Monterey Bay (e.g., Moss Landing Marine Labs). But there are several courses required before taking the Scientific Diving course (Basic SCUBA, Advanced SCUBA, Rescue, etc.).  Students who want to become a scientific diver need to start taking courses as soon as possible! Visit the OPERS course website to find the Basic, Advanced, and Rescue Diver SCUBA courses available here on campus. Visit the UCSC Science Diving website to learn more about Scientific Diving courses and when they are offered!  Get involved with the SCUBA Club to meet friends that also want to start diving more!

If you are a freshman or sophomore and do not know how to swim yet, for your and others’ safety, you should learn to swim. Take advantage of the great sequence of swimming courses that will take you from a non-swimmer to a strong swimmer here on campus at OPERS. Take advantage of the pool and instructors whether you choose to pursue SCUBA diving or not.  Visit the OPERS course website to find the swimming courses available here on campus.