Undergraduate Research

Research Courses

Students may receive credit for participating in undergraduate research.  Learn more about the courses and      prerequisites, how they may satisfy your major requirements, and how to enroll. 

Follow the instructions on the faculty advising page to start your search for a lab!


Internships Opportunities

Visit UCSC Undergraduate Research Opportunities and the UCSC Career Center for assistance in exploring        internships.  Internships are also available through the Environmental Studies Department.

Senior Thesis

A senior thesis is not required for your EEB major.  If you are highly motivated, and planning on attending     
graduate school, a thesis may be a good opportunity for you to conduct independent research!

Undergraduate Research Symposium

The EEB department hosts an annual Undergraduate Research Symposium at the end of spring quarter to     
showcase exciting research that students have been involved in over the academic year. It is an opportunity for
students to develop scientific research posters and to share their work with the broader EEB community. 

Contiguous BS/MA Path

The Contiguous Bachelor’s/Master’s Path in EEB provides highly motivated undergraduate majors the opportunity to earn separate Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in as little as five years. This path provides the additional level of preparation and experience that students need to pursue careers in industry, government, or to increase their competitiveness for top PhD programs. Find more information Contiguous BS/MA Path here.