Undergraduate Research Symposium 2021

The EEB Undergraduate Research Symposium is an end-of-the-year event that celebrates the accomplishments of EEB's undergraduate students and explores the diversity of research they have been involved in. The 2021 Undergraduate Research Symposium featured 5 minute lightning talks with a Q&A session that showcased the student's research projects. 

Below you will find the alphabetical list of presenters, abstracts, and their presentation links. 

  • Morgan Abbott photo

    Morgan Abbott

    Quantifying Bird Predation Pressure on Threespined Sticklebacks, Gasterosteous aculeatus, in the Younger Lagoon Estuary

    Faculty advisor: Dr. Eric Palkovacs

    Abstract & Presentation

  • Kathryn Anderson photo

    Kathryn Anderson

    Can we Predict Occurrences of Marine Heatwaves?

    Faculty advisor: Dr. Claudie Beaulieu (Ocean Sciences Department)

    Abstract & Presentation

  • Jean-Marc Beddow photo

    Jean-Marc Beddow

    Body size, abundance, and skin temperature of northern elephant seals using thermal imaging drones

    Faculty advisor: Dr. Roxanne Beltran 

    Abstract & Presentation

  • Jami Clayton photo

    Jami Clayton

    Characterizing microbial shifts in three colonies of Montipora capitata in laboratory and in situ environments

    Faculty advisor: Dr. Don Potts; Grad student mentor: Stephan Bitterwolf

    Abstract & Presentation

  •  Isabella Cohen photo

    Isabella Cohen

    Maternal Inheritance Influence on the Thermal Physiology of Ambystoma mexicanum

    Faculty advisor: Dr. Barry Sinervo; Grad student mentor: Regina Spranger

    Abstract & Presentation

  • Cassandra Giannousis photo

    Cassandra Giannousis

    Skin Resistance Responds to Acclimation Temperature in Ambystoma macrodactylum sigillatum Salamanders

    Faculty advisor: Dr. Barry Sinervo; Grad student mentor: Regina Spranger

    Abstract & Presentation

  • Linnea Gullikson photo

    Linnea Gullikson

    Spatial extent of ecosystem patch dynamics following the outbreak of a benthic grazer

    Faculty advisor: Dr. Mark Carr; Grad student mentor: Josh Smith

    Abstract & Presentation

  • Jeannie Johnson photo

    Jeannie Johnson

    Synthetic Review: Mobula Ray Bycatch in Tuna Fisheries and Best Mitigation Practices

    Faculty advisor: Dr. Katherine Seto (Environmental Studies); Grad student mentor: Melissa Cronin

    Abstract & Presentation

  • Juliana Limon photo

    Juliana Limon

    The Complete Mitochondrial Genome of Dascyllus trimaculatus

    Faculty advisor: Dr. Giacomo Bernardi; Grad student mentor:  May Roberts & Darrin Schultz

    Abstract & Presentation

  • Elizabeth Norton photo

    Elizabeth Norton

    Impact of Climate Change on Lingod Larval Quality

    Faculty advisors: Dr. Pete Raimondi, Dr. Mark Carr; Grad student mentor: Ellen Willis-Norton

    Abstract & Presentation

  • Connor Price photo

    Connor Price

    A systematic literature review of shark catch data

    Faculty advisor: Dr. Don Croll; Grad student mentor:  Melissa Cronin

    Abstract & Presentation

  • Milagros Rivera photo

    Milagros Rivera

    Auditory Morphology and Evolution of Ancient Pinnipeds:  A Comparative Analysis

    Faculty advisor: Dr. Dan Costa; Grad student mentor: Ana Valenzuela-Toro

    Abstract & Presentation

  • Samantha Rozal photo

    Samantha Rozal

    Characterization of Geographic and Temporal Patterns of Marine Debris on Santa Cruz and Monterey County Beaches

    Faculty advisor: Dr. Robin Dunkin

    Abstract & Presentation

  • Ishana Shukla photo

    Ishana Shukla

    Eternal Landscapes of Fear: Increasing temporal overlap between predators and prey

    Faculty advisor: Dr. Erika Zavaleta

    Abstract & Presentation

  • Jennifer Waldo photo

    Jennifer Waldo

    Fishing for Answers: Analysis of Tuna Fishery Survey Responses for Mobula Bycatch Mitigation

    Faculty advisor: Dr. Don Croll; Grad student mentor:  Melissa Cronin

    Abstract & Presentation