Faculty Advising

All students should meet with a faculty advisor.
Faculty advisors are experts in their field; they possess in-depth knowledge of the subject matter and opportunities for engagement. They can provide mentoring, recommend courses for your major, help you refine your education goals, and advise you on graduate school and research opportunities. 

When choosing a faculty advisor we recommend you read the faculty biographies.
You can choose a faculty advisor based on the type of research they are involved in, the courses they teach, or because you have had a class with the professor already. After you choose an advisor, you can either attend their office hours or make an appointment to meet with them. 

Prepare for your faculty advising meeting.
Review your academic plan and major checklist. Are there particular courses you are interested in taking? Why did you choose your major and what are your particular interests? Are you planning for graduate school or particular careers? Be sure to bring a copy of your academic plan and transcript to the meeting. 

A faculty advisor is required for any student wishing to participate in undergraduate research in EEB.
If you would like to try undergraduate research, review faculty research interests and contact labs that are doing work you find interesting.

To choose a faculty advisor, select from the list of faculty below:

Faculty Advisor

Ecology & Evolution 

Biology BA

Marine Biology  Plant Sciences 
Suzanne Alonzo X X
Giacomo Bernardi X X
Mark Carr X X
Dan Costa X X
Don Croll X X
Jim Estes X X
Laurel Fox X X
Kathleen Kay X X
Marm Kilpatrick X
Kristy Kroeker X X
Bruce Lyon X
Rita Mehta X X
Eric Palkovacs X
Ingrid Parker X X
Jarmilla Pitterman X X
Grant Pogson X X
Don Potts X X
Pete Raimondi X X
Beth Shapiro X
Barry Sinervo X
John Thompson X X

Terrie Williams


The following instructors are also eligible to serve as your faculty advisor: