Disciplinary Communication Requirement

2017 - 2018 (and years after) Disciplinary Communication Requirement Options

Students beginning their studies at UCSC in 2017-18 or later must satisfy their Disciplinary Communication (DC) requirement with the following options. 

For the Biology BA, Ecology & Evolution BS, Marine Biology BS, and Plant Sciences BS majors:  

Completion of TWO of the following Ecology & Evolutionary Biology courses:
BIOE 108 Marine Ecology
BIOE 114/L Herpetology*
BIOE 117 Systematic Botany Lecture (concurrent enrollment in BIOE 117L required)
BIOE 120/L Marine Botany*
BIOE 122/L Invertebrate Zoology*
BIOE 127/L Ichthyology*
BIOE 128L Large Marine Vertebrate Field Course
BIOE 129/L Marine Mammals*
BIOE 137 Molecular Ecology Lecture (concurrent enrollment in BIOE 137L required)
BIOE 141L Behavioral Ecology Field Course
BIOE 145 Plant Ecology
BIOE 145L Plant Ecology Field Course (concurrent enrollment in BIOE 145 required)
BIOE 150L Ecological Field Methods Lab (concurrent enrollment in BIOE 150 required)
BIOE 151B Ecology & Conservation in Practice Field Quarter
BIOE 153C Arctic Ecology & Environmental Change Field Quarter
BIOE 158L Marine Ecology Lab
BIOE 159A Marine Ecology Field Quarter
BIOE 161 Kelp Forest Ecology (concurrent enrollment in BIOE 161 required)
BIOE 171 Disciplinary Communication for Biologists
BIOE 172/L Population Genetics*

*For two unit lab courses taken concurrently with 5 unit lectures, both lecture and lab must be passed to receive one half of the DC requirement.

2016-17 (and years prior) Disciplinary Communication Requirement Options

Students who began their studies at UCSC prior to 2017-18 can choose to follow the new options for the DC listed above, or retain Catalog Rights for the previous options listed below.

The following students are not eligible to follow the 2016 - 2017 Disciplinary Communication Requirement Options:

  • Students who entered UCSC in the 2017 - 2018 academic year or later.
  • Transfer students who began at a previous collegiate institution more than 3 years prior to entering UCSC.
"Catalog Rights" provide you with the option of following the requirements in effect the year you entered UCSC, or the option to select the requirements established in a subsequent year.  Keep in mind that you must follow one catalog year in its entirety.  Your major requirements and campus general education requirements catalog year can be different.  For clarification see the Registrar's information on Catalog Rights.

Use the chart below to determine which courses satisfy the Disciplinary Communication Requirement for your major following the 2016 - 2017 requirements:

Major Disciplinary Communication Courses
Ecology & Evolution BS and Biology BA BIOE 107 Ecology AND BIOE 109 Evolution
Marine Biology BS

BIOE 107 Ecology, or BIOE 108 Marine Ecology, or BIOE 159A Marine Ecology Field Quarter: Marine Ecology with Laboratory, AND BIOE 109 Evolution.

Plant Sciences BS

BIOE 107 Ecology, AND BIOE 109 Evolution