Transfer Preparation

UCSC screens students for admission into the EEB majors.  Transfer applicants are held to completion of major preparation criteria for admission to UCSC.  

If you were admitted to UCSC in a major other than an EEB sponsored major, you would also need to meet the transfer major preparation criteria to be eligible to enter an EEB sponsored major. If you believe you meet this criteria, and are interested in switching to an EEB sponsored major, you may petition to do so by completing the form here. 

Required Preparation

To be considered for admission to UCSC as a proposed Ecology and Evolution BS, Marine Biology BS, Plant Sciences BS or Biology BA, transfer students must pass equivalents of the following preparatory courses prior to transfer:

BIOL 20A Cell and Molecular Biology
BIOE 20B Development and Physiology
BIOE 20C Ecology and Evolution
CHEM 1A General Chemistry
CHEM 1B General Chemistry

In addition, the Ecology and Evolution BS, Marine Biology BS and Plant Sciences BS also requires:

MATH 11A or 19A Calculus

The Biology BA does not require completion of Calculus.

Recommended Preparation

Transfer students in the Ecology and Evolution BS, Marie Biology BS and Plant Sciences BS are also strongly encourgaged to complete the following prior to transfer:

CHEM 1C/N General Chemistry
MATH 11B Calculus
PHYS 6A/L & 6B or 6C Physics

Students who transfer without this additonal recommended introductory coursework may require more than two years to complete the major requirements.

Entering with this additional preparation allows more time to participate in field base courses and undergraduate research opportunities.

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