Field Courses

Field courses provide unique opportunities to understand ecological and evolutionary processes through first hand experience in field environments.
Field experience can be in the form of five unit courses, more intensive ten unit courses, or immersion experience field quarters.

Five Unit Field Courses:

BIOE 128L Large Marine Vertebrates Field Course

BIOE 141L Behavioral Ecology Field Course

BIOE 155L Freshwater Ecology Laboratory

BIOE 158L Marine Ecology Laboratory

Ten Unit Field Courses:

BIOE 145 Plant Ecology + BIOE 145L Field Methods in Plant Ecology

BIOE 150 Ecological Field Methods + BIOE 150L Ecological Field Methods Laboratory

BIOE 161 Kelp Forest Ecology + BIO 161L Kelp Forest Ecology Laboratory
Completion of BIOE 75 Research Diving Certification is a prerequisite for enrollment in this course.  Be sure to plan ahead to be SCUBA ready.