The Designated Emphasis in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

To receive the Designated Emphasis (DE) in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Ph.D. students in other programs at UCSC must complete the following requirements in addition to the degree requiremetns for the doctorate in their home department: 

  1. Identify a designated adviser from among the faculty of the EEB department, who commits to serve on the qualifying exam committee and on the Ph.D. dissertation reading committee.
  2. Once a designated graduate adviser has been identified, file intent to complete the Designated Emphasis in EEB with the EEB Graduate Program Coordinator (see Forms & Print Materials for the DE Application form).
  3. Take the following EEB core courses (required for all EEB graduate students):
    1. BIOE 200A Scientific Skills
    2. BIOE 200B Advanced Organismal Biology
    3. BIOE 279 Evolutionary Ecology
  4. Enroll in BIOE 294 and attend all EEB department seminars for one quarter.
  5. Enroll in their EEB advisor's BIOE 281 and attend their lab group seminars for one quarter.
  6. Take at least two other EEB graduate courses.

In all, students are required to complete at least 20 credits of EEB coursework. Courses taken to fulfill program requirements within the home department will not count toward the Designated Emphasis program required coursework.