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Department Chair: Ingrid Parker Department Manager: Jacqueline Rose
Graduate Adviser: Sarah Arantza Amador Administraive Assistant: Stephanie Zakarian
Undergraduate Adviser: Karina Frazier Undergraduate Adviser: Bee Vadakan
Biology Teaching Laboratory and Facilities Support Technician: Nicole Hack
Department Office: (831) 459-5358 Administrative Office: CBB, Room 207, 209


Rani N Gaddam

Biography, Education and Training

Career Goals:

Increase knowledge of intertidal zonation patterns and species interactions

Analyze data to detect and understand spatial and temporal patterns as they relate to community structure and species diversity within the intertidal

Streamline protocol and the flow of information between ongoing research projects to reduce overlap and redundancy, and increase efficiency in planning and organization

Organize data to make information more accessible and valuable for other technicians, researchers, policy/decision makers, and the public


1997 B.A. - Marine Biology, University of California, Santa Cruz

Selected Projects:

(2018) Complete iOS data collection apps for Point Contact Biodiversity Survey data and Layered Photo Plot Long-Term Monitoring Survey data; begin preparations for publishing to app store

(2017) Perform QA/QC of the South Coast and North Coast Marine Protected Areas baseline monitoring data packages; Create web based data entry forms for MARINe Database

(2015-present) Work with outside groups (NPS, USGS, GFNMS, Audubon, etc.) to incorporate their data into the MARINe database; this work is ongoing

(2013-2014) Added additional project to to specifically document Sea Star Wasting Syndrome (, including a way to document observations and display these observations and associated data on a map.

(2013) Upgrade of existing MARINe (Multi-Agency Rocky Intertidal Network) Access database to new format (MySQL), including researching options, determining server space, building in data checks and enhanced QA/QC. This is a multi-year and multi-tiered project, with future goals including web-based data entry and data retrieval and display.

(2012) Launched intertidal website (, which displays information about research sites and species, and allows for data display and mapping. Continually update website with current information and trend graphs, as well as responding to data requests.

(2010-11) Creation of Data and Metadata Standard document for the North Central Coast Marine Protected Areas Baseline Program. This document was used as the template for the South Coast Marine Protected Areas Baseline Program in 2014-15, with the potential to be extended to the entire California coast and beyond. This document instructs research groups to submit and describe their data in a consistent way to allow for future analysis.

(2009) Used abalone habitat assessment data to calculate the rocky shoreline (using ArcGIS) available for abalone habitat along the California coast.

(2008) Organized MARINe (Multi-Agency Rocky Intertidal Network) data to be loaded into web based data catalog (

(2006-2007) National Park Service Coastal Biophysical Inventory: Work in conjunction with the National Parks Service to review and enhance protocol for the Coastal Biophysical Inventory project and initiate field surveys for training purposes. This project included mapping the coastal areas of Point Reyes and Golden Gate National Parks, including physical and biological characteristics of the entire shoreline.

Selected Publications

Blanchette, C., Raimondi, P., Gaddam, R., Burnaford, J., Smith, J., Hubbard, D.M., Dugan, J.E., Altstatt, J. and Bursek, J. 2014. Baseline Characterization of the Rocky Intertidal Ecosystems of the South Coast Study Region: a report prepared for Sea Grant. 111 pages.

Carr, M.H., P.T. Raimondi, S.I. Lonhart, M. Readdie, K. Kusic, R. Gaddam, H. Livingston, and D. Malone. 2006. Informing decision-making for the coastal highway management plan: a biological sensitivity assessment for intertidal and shallow subtidal habitats on the Big Sur Coast. A report submitted to the Monterey Bay Sanctuary, Sanctuary Integrated Monitoring Network (SIMoN) and Monterey Bay Sanctuary Foundation. 188p.

Gaddam, R.N., Miner, C.M, and Raimondi, P.T. Pacific Rocky Intertidal Monitoring: Trends and Synthesis. 2012. BOEM OCS Study 2012-014. Center for Ocean Health, Long Marine Laboratory, University of California, Santa Cruz, California. BOEM Cooperative Agreement Number M10AC20000. 35 pages (plus appendix).

Gaddam, R., Miner, M., and Raimondi, P. 2013. North Central Coast Baseline Surveys of Rocky Intertidal Ecosystems: a report prepared for Sea Grant. 60 pages.

Hewson, I., J.B. Button, B.M. Gudenkauf, B.G. Miner, A.L. Newton, J.K. Gaydos, J. Wynne, C.L. Groves, G. Hendler, M. Murray, S. Fradkin, M. Breitbart, E. Fahsbender, K.D. Lafferty, A.M. Kilpatrick, C.M. Miner, P. Raimondi, L. Lahner, C.S. Friedman, S. Daniels, M. Haulena, J. Marliave, C.A. Burge, M.E. Eisenlord, and C.D. Harvell. 2014. Densovirus associated with sea-star wasting disease and mass mortality. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 111:17278-17283. (Acknowledgement)

Miner, C.M., Burnaford J.L., Ambrose R.F., Antrim L., Bohlmann H., Blanchette C.A., Engle J.M., Fradkin S.C., Gaddam R., Harley C.D.G, Miner B.G., Murray S.N., Smith J.R., Whitaker S.G., Raimondi P.T. 2018. Large-scale impacts of sea star wasting disease (SSWD) on intertidal sea stars and implications for recovery. PLOS ONE.

Miner, C.M, Gaddam, R.N., and Raimondi, P.T. 2015. Pacific Rocky Intertidal Monitoring: Trends and Synthesis - Update 2015. OCS Study BOEM 2015-011. US Dept. of the Interior, Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Pacific OCS Region, Camarillo, CA. OCS Study BOEM 2015-011. 70 p. and 12 app.

Murray, S.N., S.B. Weisberg, P.T. Raimondi, R.F. Ambrose, C.A. Bell, C.A. Blanchette, J.L. Burnaford, M.N. Dethier, J.M. Engle, M.S. Foster, C.M. Miner, K.J. Nielsen, J.S. Pearse, D.V. Richards,, J.R. Smith. 2016. Evaluating Ecological States of West Coast Rocky Intertidal Communities: A Best Professional Judgment Exercise. Ecological Indicators 60: 802-814. (Acknowledgement)

Nelson PA, D Behrens, J Castle, G Crawford, RN Gaddam, SC Hackett, J Largier, DP Lohse, KL Mills, PT Raimondi, M Robart, WJ Sydeman, SA Thompson, S Woo. 2008. Developing wave energy in coastal California: potential socio-economic and environmental effects. California Energy Commission, PIER Energy-Related Environmental Research Program & California Ocean Protection Council CEC-500-2008-083 .

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Raimondi, P.T. and R.N. Gaddam. 2011. Study of rocky intertidal communities adjacent to OCS activities – Final report (2007-2010). BOEMRE OCS Study 2010-005. Center for Ocean Health, Long Marine Laboratory, University of California, Santa Cruz, California. BOEMRE Cooperative Agreement Number M07AC12503. 38 pages (plus appendix).

Selected Presentations

Gaddam, R. and K. Ammann. 2014. Pacific Rocky Intertidal Monitoring. Poster at Monterey Bay Aquarium World Oceans Day. Monterey, CA.

Gaddam, R., M. George, M. Redfield, R. Williams, M. Miner, M. Frenock, P. Raimondi. 2015. Citizen sciences enhances the ability of long-term monitoring to track sea star wasting syndrome. Poster at the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary Currents Symposium. Seaside, CA.

Gaddam, R., M. Miner, and P. Raimondi. 2013. Pacific rocky intertidal monitoring: trends and synthesis along the Central Coast and beyond. State of the Central Coast MPA Symposium. Monterey, CA.

Gaddam, R., M. Miner, and P. Raimondi. 2013. Pacific rocky intertidal monitoring: trends and synthesis. Poster at the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary Currents Symposium. Seaside, CA.