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UCSC undergraduate Kelsey Webster with USFWS collaborator Mark Elvin, at CA State Park transplant site. Photo Credit: Ingrid Parker

Excellence in Undergraduate Education

EEB offers both B.A. and B.S. degrees.  Undergraduate majors in EEB include General Biology, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Marine Biology and Plant Sciences.  These degrees are designed to prepare students to go on to graduate programs, positions in industry, government or NGO’s, or to medical, dental, or veterinary medicine schools.  Our goal is to provide excellence in the three pillars of scientific mentoring:  classroom teaching, field courses and independent research.

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EEB has a long history of emphasis on the importance of research opportunities for undergraduates – primarily through our field course curricula and individual mentoring.  Our curriculum includes a wide ranging variety of field courses including two supercourses: Ecology and Conservation in Practice and Marine Ecology Field Quarter.  These courses are immersion courses and are the only course a student takes in a quarter.  EEB has a tradition of undergraduates participating in research at the very forefront of modern biological thought.  The opportunity to perform basic scientific research provides real-world experience and a context for the information that students learn in class.  EEB programs provide opportunities for undergraduates to perform independent biological research with a faculty mentor.  These experiences are invaluable to students planning to continue their education beyond their undergraduate years.  In addition to research training, a record of successful undergraduate research as demonstrated by participatory authorship of research articles is a great advantage when applying to graduate or professional programs.

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