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Data Visualization


  • GIS Interactive Map and Data Display—allows user to create visual summaries of data from our two primary survey types across all MARINe sites
    1. Coastal Biodiversity Surveys—display coast-wide species range and abundance data, community metrics (e.g. species richness), and physical metrics (e.g. reef slope).
    2. Long-Term Surveys—display summary metrics (in development)
  • Sea Star Wasting Syndrome tracking map—display observations of sick and healthy sea stars by species across all sites surveyed by researchers, citizen science groups, and the general public


  • Interactive
    1. Create custom, downloadable graphs from Biodiversity (site-wide percent cover and density) or Long-Term Survey data (percent cover, counts, and size structure within fixed plots)

Data Files Available for Downloading

Long-term and Coastal Biodiversity Survey data for most species at a subset of sites can be downloaded after completing a brief data request form. Data for sites not included or for species of concern are available by request.