Spring 2021 Seminars

Fridays, 9:30 -10:30 AM; Q & A 10:30 - 11:00 AM

Spring quarter seminars are being held virtually via Zoom. 

Email szak@ucsc.edu for more information.

    April 2, 2021

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    Dr. Laura Prugh, Associate Professor of Quantitative Wildlife Sciences, College of the Environment, University of Washington

    Integrating Positive and Negative Interactions in Carnivore Community Ecology

    Host: Roxanne Beltran

  • April 9, 2021

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    Dr. Michelle Jackson, Associate Professor of Freshwater/Marine Ecology, Somerville College, Oxford University

    "Global Change in Aquatic Ecosystems: from Africa to the Arctic"

    Host: Kristy Kroeker

  • April 16, 2021

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    Dr. Donovan German, Associate Professor, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, UC Irvine

    "Unlocking the mysteries of the inner tube of life: a gut-eyed view of nutritional ecology"

    Host: Dan Wright/EEB Graduate Students

  • April 23, 2021

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    Dr. Maria Miriti, Associate Professor, Evolution, Ecology & Organismal Biology, Ohio State University

    "Spatial and size-dependent dynamics in an arid plant community: Implications for drought recovery"

    Host: Ingrid Parker

  • April 30, 2021

  • desert stream

    Dr. Margaret Zimmer, Assistant Professor, Watershed Hydrology, Earth and Marine Sciences, UC Santa Cruz

    "How rivers dry: Long-term change and behavior in non-perennial streams"

    Host: Eric Palkovacs

  • May 7, 2021

  • red squirrel with pup

    Dr. Ben Dantzer, Associate Professor, Dept. of Psychology; Dept. of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, University of Michigan

    "Eco-Evo-Endocrinology: An Integrative Framework for Understanding How Animals Adapt to Changing Environments"

    Host: Dan Costa

  • May 14, 2021

  • Dr. Erika Zavaleta, Professor, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, UC Santa Cruz

    "The interdependence of biological and human diversity"

    Host: Ingrid Parker

  • May 21, 2021

  • Dr. John Thompson Professor, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, UC Santa Cruz

    "The Coevolutionary Process and Diversification of the Web of Life"

    Host: John Thompson