Bird Tagging with Professor Bruce Lyon. Photo credit: Chris Schmauch

Suzanne Alonzo [Lab] Sexual selection, social behavior and the evolution and ecology of reproduction 

Giacomo Bernardi [Lab] Fish biology, phylogenetics, evolution

Mark Carr [Lab] Marine ecology, applied marine ecology

Daniel Costa [Lab] Physiological ecology of marine mammals and birds

Donald Croll [Lab] Ecology and conservation of islands and seabirds

Robin Dunkin STEM education, large vertebrate physiology, environmental physiology

Jim Estes [Lab] Marine sciences, community ecology, species interactions

Laurel R. Fox [Lab] Terrestrial population and community ecology, plant-animal interactions

Kathleen Kay [Lab] Plant evolutionary ecology

Marm Kilpatrick [Lab] Disease ecology, population biology

Kristy Kroeker [Lab] Global change biology, community ecology, applied marine ecology, climate change, ocean acidification, multiple stressors

Bruce E. Lyon [Lab] Behavioral ecology, evolutionary ecology, avian ecology

Rita Mehta [Lab] Comparative marine physiology

Eric P. Palkovacs [Lab] Freshwater ecology, eco-evolutionary dynamics, fisheries and fish ecology

Ingrid M. Parker [Lab] Plant ecology, plant-pathogen interactions, biological invasions

Jarmila Pittermann [Lab] Plant physiology

Grant Pogson [Lab] Molecular population genetics, ecological genetics, marine invertebrates and fishes

Donald Potts [Lab] Coral reef ecology, genetics, evolution, and geological history; marine biodiversity; tropical biology, global change, and remote sensing

Peter Raimondi [Lab] Marine ecology, evolutionary ecology, experimental design, applied ecology

Beth Shapiro [Lab] Evolutionary and molecular ecology, ancient DNA, genomics, pathogen evolution

Barry Sinervo [Lab] Animal behavior, evolution, physiological ecology

John N. Thompson [Lab] Coevolution, evolutionary ecology and genetics of species interactions, organization of biodiversity

Terrie Williams [Lab] Large mammal physiology, bioenergetics, exercise and environmental physiology

Erika Zavaleta [LabClimate change ecology and adaptation; consequences of biodiversity change; conservation of species, communities and ecosystems

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