Proposed Curriculum Plan 2017-2018

Please note: Course offerings for the 2017-2018 academic year are subject to change. If there is no name associated to a cell the course is not offered that quarter.

Undergraduate Courses

Course # Title Fall Winter Spring
BIOE 20B-01 Development and Physiology Staff Staff Staff
BIOE 20B-02 Development and Physiology Staff Staff Staff
BIOE 20C-01 Ecology and Evolution Marinovic Marinovic Marinovic
BIOE 20C-02 Ecology and Evolution Marinovic Marinovic Marinovic
BIOE 75 Scientific Diving Certificate Clabuesch Clabuesch
BIOE 82-01 Intro to Field Research and Conservation Lecturer Lecturer Lecturer
BIOE 82-02 Intro to Field Research and Conservation Lecturer Lecturer Lecturer
BIOE 85 Natural History of UCSC Reserves Lecturer
BIOE 95 Seymour Center Docent Parker
BIOE 107 Ecology Fox Lyon Estes
BIOE 108 Marine Ecology


BIOE 109 Evolution Alonzo Bernardi Pogson
BIOE 112/L Ornithology/Lab Lyon
BIOE 114/L Herpetology/Lab Sinervo
BIOE 117/L Systematic Botany of Flowering Plants/Lab Kay
BIOE 118 Plants and Society Pittermann
BIOE 120/L Marine Botany/Lab Heady
BIOE 122/L Invertebrate Zoology/Lab Marinovic
BIOE 124/L Mammalogy Staff
BIOE 125 Ecosystems of Calif Zavaleta Zavaleta
BIOE 127/L Ichthyology/Lab Bernardi
BIOE 128L Large Marine Vertebrates Field Robinson
BIOE 129 Biology of Marine Mammals Costa
BIOE 129L Biology of Marine Mammals Laboratory Costa
BIOE 131/L Animal Physiology Williams
BIOE 133/L Exercise Physiology/Lab Williams
BIOE 134/L Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy Mehta
BIOE 135/L Plant Physiology/Lab Pittermann
BIOE 137/L Molecular Ecology Shapiro
BIOE 140 Behavioral Ecology Staff
BIOE 141L Behavioral Ecology Field Course
BIOE 145/L Plant Ecology Parker
BIOE 147 Community Ecology Fox
BIOE 148A Quantitative Ecology
BIOE 148B Quantitative Ecology Munch
BIOE 149 Disease Ecology Staff
BIOE 150/L Ecological Field Methods Staff
Ecology and Conservation in Practice Supercourse
BIOE 153A Intro to Arctic Ecology Shapiro
BIOE 153B Arctic Ecology Shapiro
BIOE 155 Freshwater Ecology Palkovacs
BIOE 155L Freshwater Ecology Lab Palkovacs
BIOE 158L Marine Ecology Lab
BIOE 159ABCD Marine Ecology Field Quarter Kroeker/Raimondi
BIOE 161/L Kelp Forest Ecology Raimondi
BIOE 163/L Ecology of Reefs, Mangroves, and Seagrasses Potts
BIOE 165 Marine Conservation Biology Croll
BIOE 171 Disciplinary Communications for Biologists Shapiro
BIOE 172/L Population Genetics Staff
BIOE 183W Undergraduate Research in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Kay Pogson Palkovacs
BIOE 188 Introduction to Science Writing
CLEI/EART 81B Fundamentals of Env Sci Staff

Graduate Courses

Course # Title Fall Winter Spring
BIOE 200A Scientific Skills Carr
BIOE 200B Advanced Organismal Biology Estes/Staff
BIOE 208 Marine Ecology Carr
BIOE 245/L Plant Ecology/Field Methods in Plant Ecology Parker
BIOE 247 Community Ecology Fox
BIOE 248A Quantitative Ecology
BIOE 248B Quantitative Ecology Alonzo
BIOE 271 Disciplinary Communications for Biologists Shapiro
BIOE 272/L Population Genetics/Lab Staff
BIOE 279 Evolutionary Ecology Thompson 
BIOE 281A Topics in Basic and Applied Marine Ecology Carr Carr Carr
BIOE 281B Topics in Molecular Evolution Bernardi Bernardi Bernardi
BIOE 281C Topics in Physiological Ecology Costa Costa Costa
BIOE 281D Topics in Global Change Ecology Kroeker Kroeker Kroeker
BIOE 281E Topics in Freshwater Ecology Palkovacs Palkovacs Palkovacs
BIOE 281F Ecological Research Topics Fox Fox Fox
BIOE 281G Topics in Sexual Selection and Social Behavior Alonzo Alonzo Alonzo
BIOE 281H Topics in Comparative Physiology Mehta Mehta Mehta
BIOE 281I Topics in Disease Ecology, Population Biology, and Conservation Kilpatrick Kilpatrick Kilpatrick
BIOE 281K Topics in Plant Evolution Kay Kay Kay
BIOE 281L Topics in Behavioral and Evolutionary Ecology Lyon Lyon Lyon
BIOE 281N Topics in Marine Vertebrate Ecology Croll Croll Croll
BIOE 281O Topics in Plant-Water Relations Pittermann Pittermann Pittermann
BIOE 281P Topics in Plant Population Ecology Parker Parker Parker
BIOE 281Q Topics in Molecular Evolutionary Genetics Pogson Pogson Pogson
BIOE 281R Topics in Marine Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Raimondi Raimondi Raimondi
BIOE 281S Topics in Ancient DNA Shapiro Shapiro Shapiro
BIOE 281T Species Interactions and Coevolution Thompson  Thompson  Thompson 
BIOE 281U Topics in Invertebrate Biology Potts Potts Potts
BIOE 281V Topics in Behavioral Ecology Sinervo Sinervo Sinervo
BIOE 281W Topics in Exercise and Environmental Physiology Williams Williams Williams
BIOE 286/L Experimental Design and Data Analysis Raimondi
BIOE 293 Readings in Ecology and Evolution Thompson  Potts
BIOE 294 Ecology, Evolutionary Biology Seminar Pittermann Pogson Fox
BIOE 295 Advanced Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Seminar Staff Staff Staff