EE Biology Vehicle Reservations

EE Biology has three 8-passenger vans and three 12-passenger vans available.

To request a reservation, contact:

Requests for use will be prioritized as follows:

  1. support for teaching field classes and field trips for classes
  2. transportation of grad students for seminars at LML or main campus
  3. transportation of students for seminars at other institutions (by EEB Chair approval)
  4. transportation associated with departmental functions and activities (by EEB Chair approval)
  5. transportation associated with departmental associated functions and activities (by EEB Chair approval)
  6. all other requests by EEB Chair approval

Calendar Color codes:

Green - 7626 Older White Van; Grey - 7671 Silver Van; Blue - 7679 White Van; Lavender - 7600 Van (12 seats); Orange - 7678 Van (12 seats); Turqouise - 7680 Van (12 seats)