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Department Chair: Rita Mehta Department Manager: Stephanie Zakarian
Graduate Program Coordinator: Judy Straub Department Assistant: Eva Chudnow
Undergraduate Program Coordinator/Lead Advisor: Rexton Lynn Undergraduate Advisor:
Biology Teaching Laboratory and Facilities Support Technician: Nicole Hack
Department Office: (831) 459-5358 Administrative Office: CBB, Room 207, 209
Nautica Tarez Jones
  • Title
    • Ph.D Student
  • Division Graduate Studies Division
  • Department
    • Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Department
  • Email
  • Office Location
    • CSC Coastal Biology Building, 160
  • Mail Stop CBB/EE Biology

Biography, Education and Training

My research seeks to evaluate Black traditional ecological knowledge (BTEK) use and impacts in the United States. BTEK is an empirical knowledge system composed of generational observations and techniques authored by black people. As the severity of climate change escalates faster than data can be generated crisis fields like conservation biology and climate adaptation are relying on ecological theory to guide action plans. As traditional knowledge does not rely on western data partnerships between knowledge systems may be an overlooked tool.