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Department Chair: Ingrid Parker Department Manager: 
Graduate Adviser: Sarah Arantza Amador Administraive Assistant: Stephanie Zakarian
Undergraduate Adviser: Karina Frazier Undergraduate Adviser: 
Department Office: (831) 459-5358 Administrative Office: CBB, Room 207, 209


Katherine Emily Dale

Biography, Education and Training


1.     Graduate - University of California, Santa Cruz (Santa Cruz, CA) (Sept 2016 – present)

2.     Undergraduate - University of Miami, Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science (Coral Gables, FL) (Sept. 2011 – May 2015)

Selected Publications


Prosser, D. J., W. T. Collier, K. E. Dale, C. R. Callahan, P. C. McGowan, E. J. Gaylord, J. M. Geschke, L. Howell, P. R. Marban, and S. Raman. In prep. Using Thermal Infrared Cameras to Detect Avian Chicks at Various Distances and Vegetative Coverages. In prep.

Dale, K. E., E. A. Daly, and R. D. Brodeur. 2017. Interannual variability in the feeding and condition of subyearling Chinook salmon off Oregon and Washington in relation to fluctuating ocean conditions. Fisheries Oceanography 26(1):1–16.

Drury, C., K. E. Dale, J. M. Panlilio, S. V. Miller, D. Lirman, E. A. Larson, E. Bartels, D. L. Crawford, and M. F. Oleksiak. 2016. Genomic variation among populations of threatened coral: Acropora cervicornis. BMC Genomics 17(1):2–14. BMC Genomics.


1.     Dale, K.E. “American Coots – Seriously, Not a Duck!” Jan 8, 2018. Coastal Watershed Council Newsletter.