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Interactive Map and Graphing Tool

The Interactive Map and Graphing Tool was designed to allow a customized display of the specific sites of interest on a map. In addition, customized plots can be created for specific site/species combinations.

We are extremely grateful to Michael Frenock (PISCO - Oregon State University) for the development and continual enhancement of this application.

Interactive Map

Use the "Map Display Options" on the LEFT side of the Interactive Map & Graphing Tool to display a specific site, or to filter sites based on the region, MPA status, survey type, etc. When a specific site is selected, summary information is displayed underneath the map, with a link to the specific site page. Use the "polygon" feature to draw a polygon on the map to select a region of interest and then display the sites located within that region.

Graphing Tool

Use the "Graph Type" options on the RIGHT side of the Interactive Map & Graphing Tool to display Biodiversity Survey or Long-Term Monitoring graphs. Different graphs can be displayed based on the survey type (Long-Term or Biodiversity), and by the method within each survey type (Point Contact vs. Quadrat vs. Swath data for Biodiversity; Percent Cover vs. Species Counts vs. Species Size for Long-Term). These dynamic graphs are a powerful way to view data for the specific site and species of interest.

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