Jarmila Pittermann

TitleAssociate Professor
DivisionPhysical & Biological Sciences
DepartmentPBSci-Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Department
AffiliationsRachel Carson College
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Selected Publications
OfficeEarth and Marine Sciences A405
Campus Mail StopEE Biology / EMS
Mail1156 High Street
Santa Cruz, CA
Jarmila Pittermann

Research Interests

Plant Physiology

In a broad sense, I am fascinated by the high degree of plant morphological and physiological variation and I try to identify the adaptive strategies that underlie this diversity through my work in plant physiology, and plant structure and function. I examine at the functional costs and benefits of having one trait over another, and make an effort to place the results in an evolutionary and biogeographical context. In the end, my aim is to understand what constrains the physiological performance of the modern flora, and whether the trends can be explained by integrating a phylogenetic and paleo-ecological perspective into my results.

My research has focused on four areas:

* the biochemical limitations on C4 photosynthesis at cool temperatures and the implications of these limitations on the biogeography of plants with the C4 syndrome,
* the effect of freezing and thawing on water transport in conifers, and the design criteria that determine if species will be vulnerable to this stress,
* the hydraulic and structural trade-offs of drought resistance in wood across the conifer phylogeny, and lastly
* the evolutionary constraints on the physiology of modern Cupressaceae and "Taxodiaceae".

Biography, Education and Training

B.A., B.Sc., McMaster University, Canada
M.Sc., University of Toronto, Canada
Ph.D., University of Utah

Courses Taught

Plant Physiology, Structure and Function Bio 135
Plants and Society Bio 118